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    VETERAN BOSTON RADIO PERSONALITY CHARLES MOSCOWITZ HOSTS CHARLES MOSCOWITZ LIVE ON YOUTUBE   MONDAY – FRIDAY 12 – 1 PM ET……CALL IN AT  617-396-4958 One of the most controversial radio hosts in America, Charles Moscowitz was listed as one of the top 100 radio hosts by Talkers Magazine and was awarded Communicator of the Year by the National Right to Work Committee. Moscowitz books are available at Amazon Books . “My program focuses on political, social and cultural issues in the news. I invite thinkers and newsmakers from both the left and the right to join me with the goal of bridging the communication gap that has developed in these fractious times” Moscowitz said. Moscowitz, who ran for Congress in Massachusetts in 2004 against Rep. Barney Frank, is the author of numerous non-fiction books including Assassination in America , Left-Wing anti-Semitism , Communism is not Dead , Was Hitler a Leftist , The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism , and We are All Socialists Now: A
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The Charles Moscowitz Podcast: LIVE Mon - Fri 12-1 pm ET / CALL IN: 617-...

The Charles Moscowitz Podcast: LIVE Mon - Fri 12-1 pm ET / CALL IN: 617...

LIVE Mon - Fri 12-1 pm ET - CALL IN AT 617-396-4958

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