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Book Submission: GOD - A Biography

Author: Charles A. MorsePen Name: Charles Moscowitz
Contact Information:(617) 271-5044    charlesmoscowitz@gmail.comBook Title:GOD Book Subtitle:A BiographyBiography: Charles Moscowitz is an award-winning radio talk show host who presently hosts a weekday commentary and interview program on YouTube and subscribing podcast platforms. Moscowitz is the author of over a dozen non-fiction books including The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism, published by WND Books, 2010. Moscowitz columns have been published in The Boston Globe, The Washington Times, WND, Newsmax and Frontpage. Book Summary: This book is the musings of an old guy, a personal view of God. Moscowitz begins the narrative by presenting his evidence that God exists with the contention that there is no contradiction between belief in God and Science. He then proceeds to sketch a history of belief in God in western Judeo-Christian culture. Likewise, interspersed in the narrative, is a description of what Moscowitz contends has…
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