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Why they protest Trump

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Why Hillary Lost

Why Hillary Lost

Hillary Clinton lost because she became so confident that she would win that she and the Democrats forgot to stuff the ballot box.

Perhaps Hillary didn’t get the memo from campaign manager John Podesta about the rigged polls that had her up by 8-10%. The hacked Podesta’s email indicates that he was in communication with major pollsters about creating a sense of inevitability by polling largely democratic voters.

While Republicans are not above voter fraud in certain exceptional situations, the Democrats have a long and storied history of stealing elections going back to the actions of ACORN, which served as Democratic Party shock troops starting in the 1070’s. Employing techniques patented by professors Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven to overwhelm systems until they break down and the authoritarian socialists can then march in to
save the day on a white horse. ACORN started to flood the Democrat Party controlled big city voter rolls with false registrations in elections going back to the 1980’s.

Obama likely benefited from these methods in key cities in battleground states in 2012 where he captured 98-99%, even 101-102 % of the vote in certain precincts. At the time, Rush Limbaugh observed that even communists Fidel Castro and Josef Stalin never
garnered such a vote. As it is, the Michigan recount initiated by Green Party candidate Jill Stein revealed extensive voter fraud in Detroit favoring Hillary. Without that corrupt
Democratic Party fraud machine, Donald Trump would have likely won the state by a much larger margin.

New Hampshire allows for same day voter registration which makes it difficult to stop people from crossing in from liberal Massachusetts to vote. Hillary won New Hampshire by only .03 percent and Trump could have asked for a recount. Republican Governor-elect
Chris Sununu has said that he would like to do away with the system.

Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, former Clinton aide and DNC Chairman, may have stolen his state for Hillary by registering 60,000 convicted felons by means of an auto-pen, on thieve of the election, which circumvented an earlier judicial ruling that prevented him from registering 200,000 felons without individual review. California has extremely lax voter registration laws that allow for online registration without a driver’s license or social security number or even an address. This could explain the unusually large margin of victory for Hillary in the state that garnered her the popular margin that is now touted to minimize the Trump victory.

Yes, I guess the Democrats were asleep at the switch this year. I guess they figured that there was no way the American people would vote against them and for Donald Trump.

Monday, January 9, 2017

One-State Solution Re-emerging in Israel


Former Palestinian legislator Mustafa Barghouti, in an interview for the Los Angeles Times, observed: “If the two-state solution is physically unattainable, we have only one op-tion: A struggle to gain full and equal democratic rights in one state, in the land of historic Palestine.”
That one state to which Barghouti refers must be the State of Israel.
Many Israeli’s and Palestinians are cognizant of the fact that the clock cannot be turned back in Israel to accommodate a so-called two-state solution given that 328,423 Israeli Jews resided in the West Bank according to a 2011 census and that this figure is much larg-er today. The Jewish population in the region is rapidly growing while the Palestinian pop-ulation is in steady decline.
Palestinians should be offered full and equal democratic rights, as called for by Barghouti and by a growing number of Palestinians, as citizens of the Jewish State. The new citizens should be offered the voluntary opportunity to participate in state sponsored education as preparation for and their oath of allegiance to the state. Those who are not interested in citizenship should be expected to remain law-abiding and they ought to consider voluntary emigration. By this means Palestinians would become full participants in the fabric of Is-raeli life. The Jewish State is multi-ethnic and multi-religious and would remain so.
Both Palestinian Arabs and Jews have been competing fiercely and at times brutally for Is-rael for over a century. The struggle has gone on for millennia if antiquity is factored into the equation. There is a growing consensus within both parties that Israel has won.
The Arabs control vast and in many cases oil rich sovereign states that stretch from the At-lantic seaboard to the Persian Gulf. Many of these Arab states tacitly recognize that they would benefit greatly by aligning themselves with Israel as they struggle to develop modern democratic and advanced Arab and Muslim societies. Palestinians have the option of real-izing all the benefits of sovereignty in any one of these nations. There is only one Jewish State and that state exists within modest and proper borders.
A Jewish State which recognized the rights of its non-Jewish minority and which preserves the holy sites of Islam and Christianity was the vision of both the modern Zionists and en-lightened Arab leaders such as Faisal ibn Hussein, King of Syria and Iraq and King Abdal-lah of Jordan. Indeed, the Koran recognizes the sovereignty of the Jews in Israel as the prelude to messianic times, a vision that Islam shares with both Judaism and Christianity. The fulfillment of that enlightened vision would benefit and bless all the nations and peo-ples of the region.
Chuck Morse is an author and radio talk show host. Chuck received the 2003 Communicator of the Year award from the National Right to Work Committee and was named a "Heavy 100" Radio Talk Host by Talkers Magazine. Chuck ran for Congress in Massachusetts against Barney Frank. For more of his reports — Click Here Now.

Chicago is a fitting site for Obama Epitaph

Obama is scheduled to deliver his final public remarks as president in Chicago, a city where, in 2016, 762 people were murdered and more than 3,000 were shot. There were more murders in Chicago in 2016 than there were in New York City and Los Angeles combined. This provides a tragic and telling backdrop to Obama’s epitaph.

In 2016, Black Lives Matter created an atmosphere and pushed policies in Chicago that gave violent criminals the green light as police were hamstrung from doing the dangerous job of protecting the community. Perhaps black lives really don’t matter to a group that is more interested in a political agenda than they are in the 99.9% of law-abiding black people who are trying to live their lives. Most of those murdered and shot in Chicago were black. Meanwhile, President Obama stood on the sidelines essentially cheering on Black Lives Matter.

Yet the problem is more systemic than the tragic events of one year in one city. Obama furthered the failed liberal policies of the last half century, policies that damaged black families, black education, black commerce and the black church. Ironically, much of the liberalism that would lead to the problems that have ever since riddled the black community and are now symptomatic in Chicago emanated from Saul Alinsky, the Chicago community organizer who was Barack Obama’s mentor. Alinsky patented much of the subsequent actions that would use black people as cannon fodder in a socialist agenda.

Alinsky’s agitation encouraged welfare dependency which resulted in broken families and increasing numbers of young black men growing up without a father in the home. His anti-business approach slowed down the emergence of a black middle class and leftist propaganda damaged the moral authority of the black church. Liberal teachers’ unions shut down the possibility of black children getting vouchers and getting out of rotten public schools and liberal judges increasingly let criminals loose to do havoc.

Liberals of the ilk of Saul Alinsky are not racist in the sense that they hate black people. In fact, they are genuinely well meaning. The problem is that they embody a type of stealth racism that gives them a feeling of entitlement as they inflict destructive programs on the black community. They almost unconsciously promote racial division which serves their political purposes. They benefit financially from the social problems they have exacerbated with their multitude of agencies. They represent a sort of Rudyard Kipling imperial British “white man’s burden” style of racism that looks upon black people as if they were children, incapable of functioning like everyone else.

Barack Obama’s liberalism marred his presidency and squandered his opportunity. The Chicago murders will no doubt either go unmentioned in his swan song or he will find a scapegoat. Obama’s former minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright inadvertently identified the consequences of the liberalism that brought us here when he said: “America’s chickens have come home to roost.”  

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dinosaur Democrats Head for the Tar Pits

Dinosaur Democrats Head for the Tar Pits

Image: Dinosaur Democrats Head for the Tar Pits
Former Senate Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (L) shares a moment with Vice President Joseph Biden (R) during Reid's leadership portrait unveiling ceremony December 8, 2016, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)
By Chuck MorseWednesday, 04 Jan 2017 10:12 AMMore Posts by Chuck Morse
I’m looking forward to a new day in American politics. I can hardly wait for the old, regressive, race-baiting, dinosaur Democrats to head off to their cushy retirements, hopefully never to be heard from again. The age of moral equivocation is over, an age where President Obama could compare Islamic terror and murder to the Medieval Crusades at a Christian prayer breakfast and where Secretary of State John Kerry could thank the Iranian Mullah’s for humiliating the American Navy.
Say what you will about President-elect Donald Trump, we can all rest assured that we have in Trump a president who will put America first. Hallelujah! Unlike Obama, Trump identifies the enemy, contrasts the inferiority of the enemy with our superior way of life, and then neutralizes the threat. Unlike Kerry and other Democrats of his ilk, Trump does not speak with a phony British accent. He does not engage in the vague language of obfuscation and double-talk. French scholar Alain Besancon called this type of demagogic cant "the language of ideology…The official vocabulary."
On their way out the door, Obama and Kerry took one more spiteful jab at the State of Israel which showed their true colors, a contempt not only for faith and sovereignty but also, and indirectly, a rage against America and capitalism. Their regressive policies deliberately weakened the United States and our natural optimistic sense of exceptionalism which they tried to exchange for a dumbing down. They thought Americans would not notice as they pushed our nation and our culture toward the morass of mediocrity. Now that they have lost they are suddenly making a lot of noise while we show them the door and bid them good riddance.
Other Democrat dinosaurs heading to the tar pits and to obscurity include Senator Harry Reid, who dependably played the race card and who would occasionally stand up on his hind legs and lie as he did when he announced that Mitt Romney had never paid taxes. Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer, both pushing 80, both accomplished practitioners of the race dialectic, are hopefully not far behind Reid.
But, most gratefully, and at long last, Trump vanquished the corrupt Clinton machine with their racket foundations which should still be investigated. He saved us from their ongoing scandals, always covered up by the liberal establishment they served so well. While he was at it Trump also ended the Bush dynasty with their perpetual wars and their "no new taxes." We can look forward to more of them heading off to the tar pits in the coming years. Perhaps their numbers might even dwindle in the direction of extinction although that would be wishful thinking.
Chuck Morse is an author and radio talk show host. Chuck received the 2003 Communicator of the Year award from the National Right to Work Committee and was named a "Heavy 100" Radio Talk Host by Talkers Magazine. Chuck ran for Congress in Massachusetts against Barney Frank. For more of his reports — Click Here Now.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Did the Democrats cheat in California?

Hillary Clinton won California by a lopsided 4.3 million votes over Donald Trump and at 61.5% she won 1.5% more votes than Obama did in 2012.  Trump responded with the charge that the “millions of people who voted illegally” had cost him the popular vote as Clinton’s popular margin now stands at 2.8 million more votes than Trump. The clear majority of Clinton’s popular vote emanated out of urban centers in California.

Did the Democrats cheat in California?

The online voter registration form on the website of the California Secretary of State appears to be based upon an honor system by which the site asks the applicant their citizen status and the applicant is expected to answer honestly. Driver license identification numbers, street addresses and phone numbers are optional. Essentially no proof is required to indicate citizenship other than the applicant simply checking off a box declaring citizenship under penalty of perjury.

There is no evidence to suggest that California has seriously investigated voter fraud and this might be tacitly understood by those who might be inclined to register illegally. In fact, with virtually no online requirements for identification, anyone could theoretically register to vote in California online under any name or under multiple names. The Public Policy Institute indicates that approximately 2.67 million illegal aliens resided in California in 2013 and evidence indicates an increase since then. The campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders depended on non-citizen volunteers to conduct voter registration drives to pitch support amongst Hispanics with claims that Trump would engage in mass deportations.

While there is no hard evidence of a conspiracy to commit fraud by illegally registering non-citizens to vote in California, the registrations emanating from the California Secretary of State’s website call out for an investigation and for reform. Democrats have already used the 2.8 popular vote margin held by Hillary Clinton as a talking point to attempt to delegitimize the election. Many are arguing that California, due to this considerable vote margin, therefore has the right to cancel out the elections of the majority of states that voted for Donald Trump and to thus disenfranchise the voters in those states. Before countering that fallacious argument, an honest count of the vote would be in order in California.     

Crackpot Micro-Aggression

Micro-aggression goes mainstream as Colleges set up “safe spaces” to protect students from “trigger words” like “President-elect Donald Trump”. Boston Public Schools offers therapy to students trying to “process” the election. Tufts University offers post-election playdough and arts and crafts to their traumatized students. While families flee Aleppo as ISIS advances, well-heeled liberals ask Canada for “refugee status.” This must mean that our society has progressed. Now leftists need to take out a microscope to find racism.

The crackpot term Micro-Aggression was first used by Harvard Professor Chester M. Pierce in 1970 to accurately describe the subtle insults he experienced as a black man. Since then Micro-Aggression has blossomed into its own crack-pot pseudo-science as practitioners launch a proverbial anal probe of anyone who dares to not goose-step to the drum-beat of the authoritarian left. In this topsy-turvy subjective tyranny “Israel” becomes a trigger word and a burka becomes a symbol of feminist empowerment.

One of the reasons why Trump won is because he shattered this tyranny. You could say that he broke the glass ceiling. While Trump might have at times strayed too far in the other direction, he nevertheless made it possible for the rest of us to come out from the cold and stop cowering in our boots in the face of ugly and hateful smears and assaults. All Americans, whether they realize it or not, owe him a debt of gratitude. Maybe now we can finally begin to approach the real causes of racism and inequities in our society which would be decades of failed leftist policies.

Now that Trump has won, the left has been reduced to sending death threats to electors and harassing entertainers who might dare to perform at Trump’s inauguration. While Islamic terrorists drive trucks into crowds of Christmas shoppers they fight for Trump free zones. While drug gangs as brutal as Isis roam the inner cities, they rail against the word “Christmas.” They don’t want to admit that Trump has reminded us of the potential of being an individual and the virtues and blessings of being an American.  

2016: The Year of Revolution

The American Revolution of 1776 was a conservative reaction as the American people sought to “conserve” natural rights that had been usurped by the British King and Parliament. The year 2016 will be remembered as the pivotal year by which Americans began to once again assert their natural right to self-government. Donald Trump is truly a revolutionary figure in that he has awakened the beast to its own true nature. Americans are now beginning to embrace the normal and genuinely progressive principle of putting the interests of the sovereign nation first. This common-sense idea, at the core of making America great again, reminds us of who we are as individuals and what it means to be an American.

2016 witnessed the resurgence across the world of the sovereign nation-state as peoples have begun to take control over their own nations and destinies. The ball started rolling in Great Britain on June 23 with Brexit, the exit from the European Union, and the assertion of British nationhood. The thunderous effect of that seminal moment is now rumbling across Europe with the reassertion of national sovereignty in the face of war and terror carried out by brutal Islamic invaders. The chickens came home to roost in America with the election of Donald Trump. The move toward sovereignty will continue to sweep across the globe in the coming years because freedom is contagious. The imperialist forces of the amoral globalists and their radical jihadist allies are now being checked.

When the Americans defeated the imperialist forces of the invading British after a seven-year war of defense, and when America established an independent republic, a ripple of freedom made its way around the world. The American experiment in self-government was a beacon of light for all peoples. May the progressive forces that have been unleashed this year guide our country toward a stronger and more prosperous future.

The Liberal Victorians

Liberals never miss an opportunity to take a cheap shot at Donald Trump’s character flaws yet is there any real doubt that if Trump were a liberal Democrat all that stuff would have been either explained away or swept under the rug a la Bill Clinton? Suddenly these lifelong doyens of the sexual revolution need smelling salts when exposed to a hint of sexual impropriety.  How ironic! Where is Moveon.org? If Trump were on their side, we would never hear the end of the chatter about vast right-wing conspiracies and the smear of anyone who dared disagree.

Since they are unable to take Trump down with recounts, death threats against electors, violent demonstrations and dark conspiracy theories about the Kremlin, they are descending into downright nastiness. They have become completely unhinged. The petty tyrants are now threatening to boycott entertainers who might perform at the inauguration. They harass Ivanka Trump while she boards JetBlue at JFK, in front of her children. They create Trump free zones on campuses.

Their latest line of attack is that Trump is appointing too many rich people to his cabinet. Putting aside the fact that Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry inherited his billion-dollar estate from his second wife’s first husbands trust fund, what do they expect? Should Trump appoint poor people? What they really fear is that Trump is appointing accomplished people who know how to get things done. Indeed, this is the only thing they’ve been right about so far. 

The Racist Legacy of Barack Obama

When Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, Americans looked forward to the beginning of a post-racial era. A Gallup poll released a week after the election indicated that 75% of Americans believed that as president Obama would help heal racial divisions. Few realistically expected racism to end but most, including most of those who voted against him, hoped that he would preside over improved race relations as part of an era of growing opportunity for all.   

Obama squandered this historic opportunity. He failed to contribute substantially toward healing race conflict, in fact he exacerbated it, not because of bad leadership but rather because of his liberal instincts and mindset. Obama placed his loyalty to liberalism over that of his own country and even over his own legacy.

Racism is the fuel that drives the liberal agenda in America. If liberals had left blacks alone back in the 1960’s they would have assimilated into the American culture like other ethnic and racial groups. This is not to say that racism would have magically disappeared. Nevertheless, by the late 1950’s, blacks were rapidly entering the middle class, developing businesses and entering into higher education in increasing numbers and this was occurring despite the real racism of the time which took on ugly and hateful forms such as jim crow laws.

Starting in the 1960’s, particularly after the Republican inspired Civil Rights Act of 1965, liberals began to develop a self-serving multi-billion-dollar cottage industry made up of so-called professionals, a class of public sector agencies, non-profits and private businesses, all predominantly staffed by liberals and driven by taxpayer funded grants. Liberals began to administer over the problems in the black community that their ideas and their policies were largely responsible for creating, and they began to feather their own nests in the process.

In the 1960’s communist agitators instigated riots that burned down black neighborhoods in cities such as Detroit, Newark, Chicago and elsewhere. These neighborhoods would in many cases not recover for a generation or more and this occurred at a time of growing prosperity. The race oriented agitprop that contributed to those riots was backed by mainstream liberals and their media mouthpieces. Many cities with large black populations would subsequently fall under the sway of corrupt liberal anti-business Democratic political machines where many remain.

The launch of the War on Poverty, with its nationalization of welfare programs, contributed to the disintegration of the largely intact black family. Women were paid to get rid of their husbands and to have children out of wedlock. Indeed, even today, some families receive more revenue and benefits from welfare than the working poor. The resulting unemployment and the despair, particularly of young black men growing up without a father, led to many of the social ills that liberals claim to champion.

The liberal attitude toward faith contributed to a diminution of the influence of the black church which had historically been one of the most powerful forces in American Christendom both black and white. Belief in God and the power of the individual to achieve in this lifetime was largely replaced by a sense of victimhood and resentment. Liberals virtually destroyed black education with such crackpot methods as replacing phonetic reading with look-say which contributed toward illiteracy and cognitive dissonance. Studies have shown that a high percentage of men incarcerated in prison today are functionally illiterate. Liberal anti-business policies hurt black self-sufficiency and achievement not to mention employment.

And then along came Obama, the post-racial president who, while ignoring these problems, essentially declared war on the last bastion of responders to the crisis the liberals created, the police. After decades of liberal policies that led to inner-city crime, liberal judges that let criminals get off scott free and liberal propaganda that excused crime, the police, while far from perfect, were the last line of defense for the 99% of the law-abiding residents of the black community. Obama fed into fake news by pushing racial narratives against policemen who were doing a tough job, a job that we should thank them for doing.

Despite decades of liberal policies, blacks are more successful today as more than half could be described as middle class. Responding to this success and the accompanying diminution of overt racism, liberals keep racism alive and vital by promoting a pseudo-science they call micro-aggression theory. By this means liberals place their opponents under a microscope to find traces of racism. This keep their cadres mobilized well beyond the real crisis they created and this manifests in the form of the informal tyranny of political correctness. This weapon didn’t work against Donald Trump who knocked the political correct hand grenade out of their hands, yet they now appear to be doubling down.

This form of hysteria, this liberal promulgation of racism at any cost, is the main reason why Hillary Clinton lost and Barack Obama was repudiated. With the election of Donald Trump, with the collapse of political correctness, with Trump’s stated policy of putting the interests of all Americans first, we as a people might actually begin to move closer to a genuinely post-racial age.

Monday, December 19, 2016

The Morse Force: Lessons From Jill Stein's Recounts

The Morse Force: Lessons From Jill Stein's Recounts: http://nws.mx/2i7lGaW Lessons From Jill Stein's Recounts By  Chuck Morse Monday, 19 Dec 2016 12:12 PM More Posts  by Chuck M...

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Chuck Morse returns to the airwaves on WMFO 91.5 AM Medford-Boston

Veteran award-winning Radio Host and author Chuck Morse returns to the airwaves with a live program on WMFO 91.5 Tufts University.  The program streams live on the WMFO website, is archived on iTunes and broadcasts simultaneously on Facebook.

Morse will invite guests into the WMFO studio from Tufts University. “I’m looking forward to discussions with professors and students from one of America’s great institutions of higher learning where I intend to plumb the thinking and trends of America’s future leaders” says Morse who was named as one of the “heavy 100” talk show hosts by Talkers Magazine and who was awarded “Communicator of the Year” by the National Right to Work Committee in 2003.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to get back to doing what I love which is talk radio” says Morse who is the author of over a dozen non-fiction books, who loves driving for Uber and who offers life and health insurance benefits to individuals and employees in Massachusetts. Chuck Morse was a candidate for Congress in 2004 where he ran against Barney Frank.

Why I support Donald Trump for President

Donald Trump, the successful businessman, the ordinary man with all of his flaws, has lived a fabulous life of success and achievement. He has reached a stage in his life where he would like to give something back to his country which has given him so much. He is offering his talents and his services to all of us by offering to serve as our president. We would be insane not to take him up on his offer.

Trump represents views that make simple common sense, views that would be non-controversial at a different time in history. He views the main job of the president as the upholder of the Constitution and he would seek to fulfill that mandate by working within the letter and the spirit of the law and by appointing officials, including judges, who would do the same. He actually believes that our elected and appointed officials should mean what they say when put their hand on the Bible and take their oaths to uphold the Constitution.

Trump wants to put America first, an idea that seems shocking to many people today. He wants to put the interests of his own country first when engaging in trade and diplomacy with other nations. This is what all normal nations do. It may surprise and even shock some people to realize that this principle is natural to human beings. We as individuals and as families always and ought to put our own interests first. This is natural to the animal and even the plant kingdom, yet, this basic principle seems downright outlandish to some.

Trump supports the most basic function of any sovereign nation and that is the right to decide who enters the national home. Such a function is no different than the right of the individual to decide who enters their personal home. Like the individual, the nation need not explain why any foreigner is or is not invited as there is no more a right of a foreigner to enter any sovereign nation than a person has a right to enter into any private home. This principle also exists in the animal kingdom. Try to invade the space of a dog.

As president, Donald Trump would do what any sane leader of any nation would do and that is he would strive to protect the lives, the rights, and the economic gains of his fellow citizens. America has achieved much over the centuries in terms of capital accumulation, invention, business growth, labor rights, property rights and religious freedom. Trump wants to advance those genuinely progressive gains which have benefited us all. By keeping taxes low, by cutting onerous regulations and burdensome bureaucracy, which we all pay for and which in many cases restricts our freedom to create and to expand, Trump wants to restore and advance the principles that have made America successful.

Donald Trump is the first presidential candidate in modern times to dare to call out the failures of liberal policies regarding poverty and racism. Liberal welfare programs have led to the disintegration of the family, particularly the black family. The hateful and bigoted liberal attitude toward religion, on display in the Clinton campaign Wikileaks emails, has undermined the moral authority of the church and of faith over decades. The liberal education agenda has dumbed down our children with such crackpot programs as Common Core, and this has disproportionately affected the black family that is already under siege with a single parent at home thanks largely to the liberal welfare agenda. The liberals are lenient toward violent crime and criminals who terrorize poor neighborhoods.  

Donald Trump represents a real cultural change, a move away from the unnatural beliefs and policies that have contributed toward personal and national failure. He stands for economic growth, with the knowledge that the best social program is a good job, law and order, local control over public schools, religious freedom, and  foreign and trade policies that put America first and that employ American leverage to get the best deal. Trump wants to restore the progressive ideas of personal, local, and national sovereignty. He trusts his fellow citizens to continue on with the great experiment of self-government. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Donald Trump has become a conservative

The PBS Frontline specialThe Choice 2016, which presented the life stories of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, was correct when they noted that Trump, like many men of his generation, was a devotee of Hugh Hefner of Playboy Magazine. There is no question that Donald Trump was a playboy.

Yet, unlike his fellow playboy Bill Clinton, and unlike many liberals like Clinton, Trump has changed. I believe Donald Trump when he says that he was changed by the experience of campaigning for president and meeting thousands of his fellow citizens, many of whom are struggling with the problems that life dishes out. I experienced something similar when I ran for Congress in Massachusetts in 2004 and I personally gathered thousands of signatures to get on the ballot. The experience of meeting thousands of people changed me by bringing me out of the world of theory and into the real world of hard knocks.

Now, suddenly, the liberals have become downright Victorian as they seem to need smelling salts when confronted with profanity and vulgarity. Their opposition to such things is obviously phony as, we might recall, when President Bill Clinton was accused of a being a rapist and a serial sexual molester of women they said “move on!” George Soros weighed in back then by dropping millions of dollars to create a turf group by that very name, Moveon.org. Gloria Steinem, feminist icon, threw in her two cents in a March 22, 1998 editorial in the New York Times entitled Why Feminists Support Clinton.

Unlike liberals, whose concern over sexual indiscretion and the welfare of women are entirely situational, as illustrated by their response to Bill Clinton and to Hillary Clinton’s menacing treatment of his victims; conservatives actually care about this issue. This is at least partially why so many conservatives have backed away from Donald Trump mere weeks before an election that will determine who will be the next President of the United States. They may think they are well meaning in their assumed posture of purity but, in fact, they could play a role in putting back into the White House the unrepentant Clinton’s. What ever happened to the Christian idea of forgiveness and personal redemption?

The revelations emerging out of the private emails of the Clinton campaign indicate stark differences between two candidates and two ideologies. Clearly released portions of Hillary Clinton’s speeches to Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street corporations, speeches in which she and Bill were given over $100 million in cash to deliver, indicate that she intends to do their bidding. The speeches, now released, indicate that she supports open borders, open immigration and a merge between the United States and the Western Hemisphere which would become part of a one world government. She seeks to subvert the US Constitution with binding treaties and with Supreme Court Judges who would circumvent the will of the sovereign American citizen, as expressed through their elected Congress, by making up laws that fit her leftist agenda.

Donald Trump seeks an American form of nationalism, one that puts America first when interfacing with the rest of the world while respecting limited government and the sovereignty of the citizen at home. American conservatives, like Glenn Beck for example, however well meaning, need to wake up and realize that they might help to elect the most corrupt, the most immoral and the most anti-American president in history if they, de facto, help Hillary Clinton by not supporting Donald Trump. We should take a chance, under the circumstances, and accept Donald Trump’s declaration that he has experienced an epiphany on the proverbial road to Demascus.

To the Victors go the Myths and Monuments

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Black Lives Matter should protest the left

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If they actually cared about the plight of African-Americans, Black Lives Matter would protest the left. Racist left-wing ideas and policies targeted African-Americans as far back as Margaret Sanger's “Negro Project” which sought to reduce the number of black people who she referred to as members of a “dysgenic race.” In this pursuit, Sanger set up abortion clinics in Harlem and paid black ministers to promote them in 1939.

In the 1960’s the black family was relatively intact, the black church was a moral force and black entrepreneurs and businesses were rising fast in spite of real racism and discrimination. Then came the radical left-wing welfare do-gooders who began paying women to get rid of their men and then paying them more to have babies out of wedlock. The result was a generation of young black men who grew up without the benefit of having a father in the home.

The so-called “progressive” educators had by then virtually taken over the public schools, which they increasingly nationalized through left-wing teachers union, the National Education Association. They changed education from one based on cognitive learning, by which the student learned to think on his own, to behaviorism which turned the student into a human resource. This change was particularly detrimental to black children who were, thanks largely to the left, growing up in single parent families. Around this time, the left-wing educrats began to replace phonics with look-say guessing and the deliberate result has been learning disabilities and a generation of virtual illiterates.

The corrupt anti-Capitalist left-wing Democratic Party machine governments operating in many of our big cities, such as Detroit and Newark, set up regulations that made it difficult for black entrepreneurs to get into business or to expand their businesses. On the national level high taxes and onerous regulations, not to mention a denigration of business and profits generally, combined with the rise of welfare hit the black community with a double punch. With the accompanying diminution of opportunity, and with a weakened system of law and order and a failure to address the problem of illegal drugs flowing in from Latin America, young unemployed black men would often succumb to the temptation of drug dealing and drug consumption and the crime that goes along with that. 

Today, the only group that actually cares about the real welfare of the black community is policemen who deal with the symptoms the left has caused. They risk their lives to protect the black community from the crime that is the social manifestation of a deplorable basket of left-wing ideas and policies. While police are far from perfect and while mistakes are made and those mistakes should have consequences, Black Lives Matter should recognize that the police are actually one of the few genuine friends the inner city black community has as they face a breakdown of law and order brought about by the left’s influence on a system of justice that favors the perpetrator of a crime over the victim.

Now that the left has wreaked havoc over the black community over these many decades, and now that they have enriched themselves with their cottage industries of social services that they set up to address the problems they caused, they are now launching a new agenda with so-called micro-aggression. In spite of the fact that real racism has been greatly reduced in our multi-ethnic country and that larger numbers black people have become successful in spite of their negative policies, the left now wants to put the rest of us under a microscope to see if they can find racist micro-organisms. We should note that the only people who will subject to this totalitarian scrutiny will be conservatives or anyone who might dissent from the left.

If Black Live Matter actually cared about the plight of black people, if they wanted to put an end to black people being used as cannon-fodder for the revolution of the top 1%, the vast majority of whom are on the left. They would stand with those of us who oppose this tyranny and take the side of genuine progress.