Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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Friday, September 11, 2015

The Real Link between Hillary Clinton, Terrorists and Nazis

The Real Link between Hillary Clinton, Terrorists and Nazis

Last week, retired Major League Baseball pitcher and analyst for ESPN Curt Schilling was suspended by the sports network for posting a “controversial” meme about Muslims on Twitter. The tweet in question allegedly compared Muslims to Nazis via a quote that said in part, “Only 5-10 percent of Muslims are extremists. In 1940, only 7 percent of Germans were Nazis …”
Which is, is one may have surmised, quite accurate.
Most people have heard of the phenomenon of “projection.” Rather than being a generic descriptor, this term originates in the field of psychology. It refers to the practice of an individual transferring – or “projecting” – objectionable traits they possess onto others. It’s a defense mechanism. Right now, I’d imagine some have just made the connection between this psychoanalytical theory and the character of innumerable arguments made by leftists.
Over the last week, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton engaged in some rather blatant projection at which we shall have a look.
At an Aug. 27 campaign stop in Cleveland, Ms. Clinton leveled the charge that the current lineup of Republican presidential candidates hold views on women’s issues that are akin to those of terrorist groups.
Was this outrageous? Extreme? Well, we’re talking Clintons here, so probably not.
The next day, before an audience in Minneapolis, Clinton employed verbiage evocative of the Holocaust to slander the GOP field. Suggesting that these scoundrels wish to “pull people out of their homes” and put these illegal immigrants in “boxcars,” she was no doubt attempting to reduce the candidates to the status of Nazis in the eyes of voters.
These were, as White House correspondent Keith Koffler stated, “obvious references to the German roundups of Jews in the last 1930s and early 1940s.” He also claimed that Clinton “knows exactly what she’s doing … whatever it takes to win mentality, devoid of scruple or any sense of decorum or morality.”
Or rather: Standard Clinton Operating Procedure.
Hillary EyeHillary’s comparison of Republican candidates to terrorists was outrageous (by civilized standards, not a Clinton’s) and slanderous, but it was not tactically sound, being a “glass house” offensive. In other words, her comparison threw the door open wide to a discussion of the Clinton Foundation taking millions of dollars in donations from terrorist-supporting, misogynistic primitives.
Which is what qualifies her words as projection.
As for her subsequent comparison of the GOP candidates to Nazis, Clinton’s relationship with the aforementioned well-heeled misogynistic primitives is actually the tie-in.
It is well and proper to scrutinize the Clinton Foundation’s donor list, their practices and whether donors paid for political influence when Ms. Clinton was secretary of state. It is also appropriate that we point out the hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton taking money (via the foundation) from entities that grossly violate principles she ostensibly upholds.
But why not pursue this line of reasoning to its logical conclusion?
Once again I turn to Chuck Morse’s book, “The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism: Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin al-Husseini,” an analysis of the working relationship between Islamists and Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. The book illustrates the philosophical kinship between the Nazis and their Islamist contemporaries, as well as their cooperation after World War II.
Hitler’s friend Haj Amin al-Husseini was the leader of Arab Palestine during World War II; Nazi Germany shipped arms to Arab insurgents in Palestine, and al-Husseini aided the Nazis in the recruitment of Eastern European Muslims to fight in German SS units. He also had a hand in urging the Nazis and pro-Nazi governments in Europe to transport Jews to death camps.
After the war, Al-Husseini would mentor the next generation of Arab Islamists (one was PLO leader and terrorist Yasser Arafat) in his role as leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jerusalem.
Obviously, Barack Hussein Obama has been instrumental in the Muslim Brotherhood advancing its goals worldwide. Many Americans probably accept his relationship with them, or rationalize it away due to notions of political correctness or Obama’s familial ties to Islam.
Hillary-Clinton-Islam-The same accepting, rationalizing Americans would probably be surprised to learn that Bill and Hillary Clinton have enjoyed a very profitable, decades-long relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood. There is a wealth of evidence substantiating this; the depth and breadth of the Clintons’ dealings with the Muslim Brotherhood – whose stated mandate is “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within” – is truly astonishing.
The Muslim Brotherhood is the wellspring from which all Sunni Muslim and Wahabbist terror organizations flow. Further, aside from their historical hatred of Israel and the Jewish people, Nazi philosophy that was inculcated through their association with the Third Reich is now well-ingrained into the belief system of these groups.
So, Hillary Clinton knows a great deal about terrorists and Nazis; she and Bill have been collaborating with them for years. In projecting onto Republicans, the (perhaps calculated) risk she took was that they might exploit the tactical error and reveal these connections.
Which of course the Republicans did not.
Instead of broadcasting the Clintons’ treasonous associations from the rooftop of the Capitol, the Republican National Committee had their press secretary make a statement demanding an apology from Ms. Clinton for her dumb old icky mean words.
Why hasn’t anyone among the GOP leadership brought this damning evidence to light considering Ms. Clinton’s rash comments? Well, that has to do with a certain aversion people have to self-incrimination. Many Republican power players are, shall we say, in a somewhat compromised position when it comes to Islamist front groups, so they’re a bit reluctant to break open that wholesale outlet-sized can of worms.
But that’s a story for another time …

Read more at http://eaglerising.com/23441/the-real-link-between-hillary-clinton-terrorists-and-nazis/#GMikRsF4frmMLkX4.99

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Samuel L. Blumenfeld Literacy Foundation

Sam Blumenfeld Obituary - The Boston Globe

Samuel Blumenfeld, at 89; conservative writer and phonics advocate

Mr. Blumenfeld was as kind and gentle in person as he was fierce on a written page.
Mr. Blumenfeld was as kind and gentle in person as he was fierce on a written page.

His mother was illiterate, and when Mr. Blumenfeld was a child, he struggled to help her learn the rudiments of reading and writing. “In the end he did teach her. She could write and sign her name,” said his niece Monique Bell-Zakkour of Livingston, N.J. “That led to this quest and pathway for him for the rest of his life.”
Focusing on education, he began publishing books in the early 1970s while living in South Boston. In a speech the Globe excerpted in 1977, author John Updike praised Mr. Blumenfeld’s “The New Illiterates: And How to Keep Your Child From Becoming One,” calling the book a “spirited indictment.” By the 1980s, Mr. Blumenfeld had published “Is Public Education Necessary” and his signature work, “Alpha-Phonics: A Primer for Beginning Readers,” which described how best to teach children. His last essay, published on the conservative website WorldNetDaily several weeks before he died, showed that illness and the passage of decades had neither dimmed his passion nor softened his anger.

“Millions of American children are still being made into reading cripples by how they are being taught in their public schools,” he wrote in a post dated April 14. “And Americans are as oblivious to the cause of this situation as ever. Indeed, the new federally financed Common Core Standards will guarantee continued educational malpractice in all the schools of America until there is sufficient resistance by parents to stop it.”
As gentle and kind in person as he was fierce on the page, Mr. Blumenfeld lived in Waltham for many years and died at home June 1 of leukemia. He was 89.
To honor his education legacy, the Samuel L. Blumenfeld Literacy Foundation will host a tribute Sept. 19 in North Reading, and is posting details online.
An advocate for using phonics to teach reading, Mr. Blumenfeld penned withering criticisms about the widely used whole-word method. He also was as forceful a writer about politics as he was about education. In years past, he was a writer and editor for John Birch Society publications, and more recently wrote an essay for jewsforjesus.org criticizing evolution as a “ ‘fact’ someone has yet to prove.” Much of his later work appeared regularly on WorldNetDaily’s website.
“Barack Hussein Obama will go down in history as having achieved what no one believed an elected American president could ever achieve, the destruction of our constitutional republic,” Mr. Blumenfeld wrote for wnd.comin March 2010, after the US House approved the president’s health care plan.
Wielding sarcasm in the debate over using torture to interrogate terrorist suspects, he wrote for wnd.com in May 2009 that “we must develop enhanced wrist-slapping techniques. These methods were originally perfected by nuns in Catholic schools. They used rulers. But that would be unusual and cruel punishment on the prisoners. So it is suggested that we use a wet rag or a limp wrist.”
“It’s almost like he had a slightly different personality on the page than he did in real life,” said Mr. Blumenfeld’s nephew Peter Bochner of Wayland. “Sammy was a very highly educated man. He was also a very gentle soul.”
Samuel L. Blumenfeld grew up in the South Bronx. He and Janet Bell, his next oldest and only surviving sibling, were born in the United States. Their three older siblings were born in Poland, spoke Yiddish and Polish, and worked for garment companies. Mr. Blumenfeld and his sister often went to movies, which “were a huge influence,” Bell-Zakkour said. “They were a window into another world.” Books held a similar allure and “the library was an oasis,” his niece said.
Right out of high school Mr. Blumenfeld volunteered to serve in the Army and saw combat in Italy at the end of World War II. Returning home, he used the GI Bill to graduate from City College of New York and also studied abroad, befriending expatriate US writers such as James Baldwin.
Working as an editor, first in New York and then in Boston, Mr. Blumenfeld was drawn to education as a topic for his own writing, and he taught in schools to get first-hand experience. His first book, published in the early 1970s, was “How to Start Your Own Private School: And Why You Need One.” Reviewing “The New Illiterates” for the Globe in 1974, Carmen Fisher said of Mr. Blumenfeld: “Neither glib nor hysterical, he speaks softly, but he carries a deadly weapon made of history and reason and logic.”
Mr. Blumenfeld’s final book was “Crimes of the Educators,” cowritten with Alex Newman.
“Sam was the type of man on whom all human progress depends: a man willing to stand courageously against the whole world gone mad — even if it meant standing all alone — if it meant standing with Truth, common sense, and righteousness,” Newman wrote on wnd.com.
Appearing before groups in venues such as public libraries, Mr. Blumenfeld “would captivate his audience because he had a beautiful speaking voice,” said William McNally of Windham, N.H., president of the Samuel L. Blumenfeld Literacy Foundation. “He knew so many facts that he would enthrall the audience with ease,” said McNally, who hosted radio talk shows with him on WSMN-AM in Nashua. “And he could speak without notes.”
Hal Shurtleff, a friend who is the New England field representative for the John Birch Society, called Mr. Blumenfeld “a pioneer in the modern home school movement. Some of us refer to him as the godfather of the home school movement.”
Shurtleff added that among Mr. Blumenfeld’s favorite phrases were: “You don’t need puppets popping out of trash cans to teach children how to read” and “It is easier to believe a credible lie than an incredible truth.”
“If I could,” Shurtleff said, “I’d put those two statements on his headstone.”
Mr. Blumenfeld didn’t marry and his sister was his only immediate survivor. He was buried in Massachusetts National Cemetery in Bourne.
As an uncle, he “never came to visit without the gift of a book for his host, and it was always a book that he had spent some time trying to find,” said Bochner, his nephew. “It had to be the right book for the right person.”
Even into his 80s, Mr. Blumenfeld remained a vivid, inquisitive guest at gatherings family members hosted. “My friends would fall in love with him,” said his niece Carolann Biederman of Hawaii. “His ability to relate to people was really ageless and timeless.”
Ron Haslam, a Waltham neighbor who considered Mr. Blumenfeld his best friend, called him “one of the nicest, most generous men I ever met.”
Quick to offer assistance, Mr. Blumenfeld asked nothing in return, and if someone sought to repay him, “he’d say, ‘Do something for somebody that you don’t know, and don’t ask for thank yous,’ ” Haslam recalled. “He was like that all the time. He did things for people not expecting anything back. That’s the kind of man that he was.”
Bryan Marquard can be reached at bryan.marquard@globe.com.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Traitorous Rabbis support the Iranian Mullahs 08/20 by ChuckMorse | Current Events Podcasts

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Traitorous Rabbis support the Iranian Mullahs 08/20 by ChuckMorse | Current Events Podcasts

340 American so-called progressive Rabbis have signed a letter issued by a shadowy group called "Ameinu" which translates to mean "our people" supporting the treaty that clearly grants a green light to Iranian nuclear proliferation. 

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Health, Life, Podcasts 08/14 by ChuckMorse | Current Events Podcasts

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Health, Life, Podcasts 08/14 by ChuckMorse | Current Events Podcasts

Chuck Morse discusses his new venture as a registered health and life insurance agent in Massachusetts, how cash plans offered by Aflac make an end-run around Obamacare, and why he is on a mission to enroll every young professional into a whole life policy. Chuck also discusses his offering of live interviews and podcasts and why his many years as a radio talk show host and author uniquely positions him as an informal adviser on health and financial planning. For information, please feel free to contact me at (617) 271-5044 or at chuckmorse4@gmail.com.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Eugenics in America Part 1. 08/11 by ChuckMorse | Current Events Podcasts

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Eugenics in America Part 1. 08/11 by ChuckMorse | Current Events Podcasts

70 years after the defeat of Hitler and Nazi Germany, the American left is launching a new Eugenics experiment. Perhaps they figure that 70 years is long enough for the true nature of the Nazi socialist experiment to be remembered. We will discuss one aspect of that agenda today and how is is manifesting itself.

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